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Trellis Advisors have extensive experience in aligning fund objectives with the delivery of qualified deal flow.

Our team is constantly prospecting select industries and market for companies (both on and off market) to ensure we have regular deal flow for our partners.

We compliment PE, Strategics, VC and Family Office firms, by augmenting deal flow when you have exhausted your search capability. 

Our deal origination team will provide exclusive and qualified enterprise IT deal flow and debt origination services. 

We perform a detailed assessment of all opportunities and ensure alignment with PE investment criteria. 

Our team remains engaged with your Investment Committee to ensure we’ve provided you with the essential information to make for a smooth evaluation process. In some cases, we prepare niche due diligence on opportunities which have unique characteristics



CEO is the only
one who can close


Sales team not
paid to close


Inside sales is

responsible for lead

generation & closing


Field sales are 100%

responsible for all of

their own leads


Non-profitable deals

closing over the more

profitable deals


Too many whales being

chased, not enough tuna

We suggest that if any of these themes exist for one or more of your PCs that you work with your team to quickly address it. If not addressed, the PC(s) will present an unpredictable sales pipeline and an inability to scale at the rate investors typically expect. 

These are just some of the sales challenges we are working on everyday with OPs in companies of all sizes. If you believe your firm could benefit from our experience, we would like to hear from you.


Find out how partnering with Trellis can help you meet your objectives. 

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